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Global Mobile Wireless Markets - The Growth Momentum (February 2008)

The report, “Global Mobile Wireless Markets: The Growth Momentum,” provides a snapshot of market growth for all the regions and sub-regions worldwide for 2007. The report also provides outlook for all the regions through 2014. The report offers statistics on users and subscriptions, on mobile penetration rates, and on non-users of mobile services. The report contains seven-year forecasts. The report has 33 pages and 19 exhibits.



Mobile TV - Executing the Vision (November 2007)

The report, "Mobile TV: Executing the Vision," provides a comprehensive expose and analysis of the global mobile TV market. The report discusses the status of the major mobile TV technologies in terms of their technological development and market implementation. The report analyzes the role of market drivers and market inhibitors in the growth of mobile TV. The report offers market sizing for mobile TV in terms of subscribers and revenue, and provides detailed forecasts segmented by regions and by technologies.



Broadband Powerline - The Third Wire (July 2007)

This report discusses market and technology developments in BPL. The report analyzes BPL market and technology trends, quantifies the market, and provides seven-year forecasts for subscribers and access service revenue. The report shows BPL is emerging as the third wire to the home, providing broadband access and smart grid applications. The report discusses BPL’s competitive advantages that will drive its growth. The report discusses BPL developments in different regions of the world, and provides revenue and subscriber breakdown for each of the region.



Wi-Fi - The Next Generation (May 2007)

The report provides a comprehensive look at the Wi-Fi marketplace. It looks at market and technology developments, and profiles major vendors. The report discusses the prospects of 802.11n, looks at emerging Wi-Fi applications, and examines developments in fixed-mobile convergence. The report analyzes developments in horizontal enterprise segments, vertical segments, public hotspot segment, and campus/metropolitan segment. The report provides detailed market forecasts through 2012.



The Market for Next-Generation Mobile Networks (June 2006)

This report analyzes all three components of a mobile wireless network - access, core, and services - and makes projections on the share of each of these components over a seven-year period. During this period, the share of the "services" sector will increase as a percentage of total network revenue. The report provides seven-year forecasts for all regions of the world broken down as follows: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, China, North America, and Latin America. The report provides seven-year forecasts for all major technologies.



The Future of Mobile Handsets (May 2006)

This report considers the changing nature of a mobile handset and examines the wide range of applications impacting its development, including mobile music, mobile games, mobile TV, mobile camera, mobile camcorder, and mobile organizer. The report provides vendor market share and forecasts for the mobile handset market both in terms of revenue and subscribers for all the regions. This report considers the changing nature of a mobile handset and examines the wide range of applications impacting its development, including mobile music, mobile games, mobile TV, mobile camera, mobile camcorder, and mobile organizer.



Mobile Commerce Takes Off (April 2004)

This study provides a comprehensive assessment of current status and emerging trends in mobile commerce. It quantifies and forecasts the m-commerce market, covering digital content, online shopping, financial transactions, POS retail, proximity payments, marketing and advertising and enterprise segments. The report examines developments in digital content with particular emphasis on downloadable games, ring-tones and music, video and TV services. The report covers all the major regions of the world with particular focus on Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the United States. The report analyzes factors impacting m-commerce particularly security and billing, and analyzes business and pricing models suitable for m-commerce.



Mobile Wireless Networks: To 3G and Beyond (August 2005)

The report, "Mobile Wireless Networks: To 3G and Beyond," provides an exhaustive analysis of network evolution to next generation technologies. The report evaluates 2.5/3G mobile wireless technologies and standards, examines offerings major vendors, and provides their market shares by regions. The report provides mobile networks revenue forecast for all the regions. It also provides forecasts for the three sub-segments of the mobile networks market - radio network, core network, services.



Broadband Powerline Communications: Ready for Take-Off (April 2005)

Broadband Powerline Communications (BPL) has evolved from the narrowband offerings of yesterday into a broadband pipe that has two primary applications – broadband access (BPL-Access) and home networking (BPL-Indoor). This report carries out an in-depth review of marketplace developments in BPL. The report is based on extensive interviews with players in the value chain. It examines technological developments and their impact on the marketplace. The report contains detailed profiles of vendors deploying BPL solutions worldwide.



Mobile Commerce: Ready for Take-Off (September 2003)

Mobile commerce is taking off due to a confluence of several factors - packet-data networks, enhanced devices, and availability of content. This report provides a comprehensive assessment of current status and emerging trends in m-commerce. It quantifies the market and projects its growth over the next five years, both in terms of subscribers and revenues, for all regions. The report identifies the major m-commerce categories, and forecasts their growth. It examines market drivers as well as obstacles to m-commerce. The report analyzes issues impacting m-commerce such as security, billing, standards, and regulation, and discusses business and pricing models suitable for m-commerce.



3G Mobile Networks: Vendor Positioning and Deployment Strategies (July 2003)

The report provides an exhaustive analysis of network evolution to 2.5/3G. It evaluates 2.5/3G mobile wireless technologies and standards and recommends strategies for upgrading from 2G to 3G networks cost effectively. The report examines in detail offerings and deployments of each of the major vendors by region and provides their market shares by technologies. The report provides five-year base station forecasts.


Mobile Messaging: Which Technologies and Applications Will Succeed? (May 2003)

Value-added mobile messaging market is poised for exponential growth over the next six years. A host of applications are emerging where mobile messaging technologies will be extensively used. These include enterprise and vertical markets applications and transactions. Mobile messaging technologies are transitioning from person-to-person messaging to application-to-person and person-to-application messaging. Basic SMS will be cannibalized by Advanced SMS and MMS. While Advanced SMS will see faster subscriber growth, MMS will witness faster revenue growth. Data revenue will grow faster than voice revenue and surpass voice revenue in several advanced mobile markets by 2008.



Latin American Mobile Market: Trends and Forecasts (April 2003)

With more wireless subscribers than wireline subscribers, Latin America presents great opportunities to wireless carriers and vendors. This report explores the opportunities and challenges, and highlights major trends driving the market. The report presents six-year forecasts for subscribers broken down by technologies, and provides in-depth analysis on different facets of the market.


Mobile Messaging: Who is driving it and what should Operators Do to Ensure Success? (March 2003)

Mobile messaging is fast becoming a mass consumer service due to several factors, such as increased awareness, new applications, and cross-carrier interoperability. The success of SMS in Europe and Japan prompted wireless operators around the world not only to deploy SMS but its more advanced variations. The report, “Mobile Messaging: Who Is Driving it and What Should Operators Do to Ensure Success?” looks at emerging trends in this evolving market. The report analyzes operator strategies as they deploy advanced messaging solutions and examines what they need to do to remain on top of the growth curve. The report contains detailed market forecasts on a global basis.



E911 Implementation in the US: Technology Decisions, Deployments and Deadlines (January 2003)

With a tight E911 deployment timeline, US carriers are faced with crucial technology choices. One wrong step and they would be locked in a technology choice that could be costly not only in terms of deployment but also in terms of lost opportunity of not being able to fully benefit from commercial revenue-generating services. This report provides a comprehensive exposé of wireless location technologies and analyzes trade-offs, and has applicability beyond the US market.



Mobile Virtual Network Operators: The Latin American Landscape (November 2002)

The report, “Mobile Virtual Network Operators: The Latin American Landscape” examines the evolution of MVNO market in Latin America. It is the thesis of the report that Latin America’s business characteristics are bringing about the “Latinization” of the current MVNO business model.


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